Our Ophthalmologist specialist at Treasure Coast Center for Surgery offers LenSx® Laser and the ORA System™ Technology to assist in superior outcomes in cataracts procedures.  Our highly skilled team is the first in the area to trial the newest lenses.

Ophthalmology is the specialty focused on the treatment and surgery of the eye. Ophthalmologists perform delicate surgeries of the eye, eyelids, eye muscles, optic nerves, and orbit. The ophthalmologists on staff at Treasure Coast Center for Surgery offer a comprehensive range of eye care services.

Cataract surgery with state-of-the-art small incision surgery and intraocular lenses (IOLs), including multifocal IOLs and astigmatism correcting techniques.

Cataracts is a condition that causes cloudy or foggy vision. A doctor may suggest cataract surgery. It involves making a small incision and placing an artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL) in the eye. The surgeon may use a multifocal lens, which allows the patient to see a range of distances instead of one distance. This procedure can also correct astigmatism, which causes vision to appear blurry or distorted.

Pterygium removal with autografts

Patients with pterygium have a benign growth on the conjunctiva, which is the skin of the eye. It grows towards the cornea, the front window of the eye. Pterygium removal with autograft is a procedure that excises the pterygium and transplants healthy conjunctiva on the eye.

Anterior Segment Reconstruction

An anterior segment injury is typically caused by penetrating or blunt damage to the eye or while undergoing a medical procedure. Repairing the anterior segment depends on the injury as it can involve the eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, and lens.

Your eye health is vital to your quality of life and overall health. At Treasure Coast Center for Surgery, our team of ophthalmologists is passionate about delivering care from diagnosis to treatment that enables you to be confident in your health care. If you have questions about your eye health, contact Treasure Coast Center for Surgery today.

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